Persons to contact:

Mr. Lothar Koeninger
Mrs. Gisela Koeninger

Phone: 0049 / 33232 / 39740
Fax: 0049 / 33232 / 39744

Reel-to-Reel Electroplating of Strip

Product Range:

Stamped and unstamped metal strip, studded pins

Base materials:

All metals suitable for electroplating


Gold: Au/Co, Au/Ni, fine gold
Copper: cyanidic, acidic
Nickel: Sulfamate, Phospor
Silver: semi-bright and mat
Tin: 100% Pure Tin, bright and mat
Multilayer Systems:
upon request
Miralloy®: Cu-Sn-Zn Alloy
(For more information
see "Technical News")

Coating Types:

all-over, one side, both sides
partial one side, both sides
strips one side, both sides
selective plating

Pre and Post Treatments:


Dimensions and Weights:

Strip widths: 5.00 - 200.0 mm
Strip thicknesses: 0.05 - 2.00 mm
Coil weights: 200 - 500 kg
Coil diameters:
max. 1200 mm