The factory is involved in reel-to-reel electroplating (all over, partial, selective, strips one side) of stamped and unstamped metal strip as well as studded pins for electronics, electro industry (plug-in connections) and manufacturers of semi-finished products. Besides, wire for special purposes is electroplated on a reel-to-reel plating line and, in a small-lot production, the deposition of electroless Nickel and noble metals on studs and small high-quality precision components is done without parts and wire becoming bent.

OTEK Oberflaechentechnik
Koeninger GmbH & Co. KG

Forstweg 1
D-14656 Brieselang

0049 / 33232 / 39740
0049 / 33232 / 39744

Commercial register Potsdam:
Oberflaechentechnik Koeninger GmbH & Co. KG
HRA 5477P

Personally liable associate:
Oberflaechentechnik Koeninger Verwaltungs GmbH
HRB 24585P

General Manager:
Lothar Koeninger, Uwe Makowski
Procura: Gisela Koeninger

VAT No. DE 278850004 • Tax No.: 051 170 08020